Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1981 Yearbook of Mapua Institute of Technology

Mapua Institute of Technology was founded in 1925  by Don Tomas Mapua, the first registered Filipino architect, who graduated from Cornell University.

My father is an alumnus of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) class of 1981. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering course. During his time, the president was Don Oscar B. Mapua Sr. As far as I know, the courses / degree programs offered during the 1980’s are Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering...

Well enough of history, here are the pictures of my father’s old 1981 yearbook in Mapua:

  • Photo Taken: April 2011
  • RetroAge as of 2011: 10,950 days (estimated)
  • Photo Owner: Mek
front cover

side 1

side 2

first page

dedication of the yearbook

pic of Don Tomas Mapua and Dona Rita Moya Mapua

picture of Oscar B. Mapua Sr. and his message

Oscar B. Mapua's signature

Oscar B. Mapua's message to the graduates

front cover 2

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