Monday, April 4, 2011

NBA Cards: Michael Jordan (97-98)

Last time I showed you my brother's Kobe Bryant cards, now I will show you my Michael Jordan cards. Unfortunately, I only have three MJ cards. It's very hard to get MJ cards especially inserts in boosters, they are very rare and valuable. I got the Upper Deck 1997 by buying the Chicago Bulls booster pack, yes they made a booster pack that only contains Chicago Bulls players. I don't know if the have done it with other teams. Hope you like the cards...

  • Photo Taken: April 2011
  • RetroAge as of 2011: (estimate) 5110 days
  • Photo Owner: Mek

Upper Deck 1998 (front)

Upper Deck 1998 (back)

Fleer 1996-1997 (front)

Fleer 1996-1997 (back)

Upper Deck 1997 (front)

Upper Deck 1997 (back)

Michael Jordan cards
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